Yaron Michael Hakim
b. 1980, Bogotá, Colombia
Lives and works in Los Angeles



2013 MFA, University of California, Irvine, CA
2002 BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Atlas Furs, LAXART, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Sacred White Sculpture, UAG Gallery, Irvine, CA
2012 Drapeau, Flag Pole Gallery, Irvine, CA
2010 A Death Poem II: Ghost Dance, RUINE, Geneva, Switzerland
2009 Eight Oceans Go Dry, RUINE, Geneva, Switzerland

Selected Two Person and Group Exhibitions

2017 Dysfunctional Formulas of Love, The Box, Los Angeles, CA
2017 All the Small Things, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Summer of Love, Wilding Cran, Los Angeles, CA
2017 SguigAlert, Cordesa Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
2017 The Future Wild, Paragon Art Gallery, Portland, OR
2016 Silver and Vanilla (in collaboration with Isabel Theselius), Elephant, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Living Together (in collaboration with Jay Erker), Eastside International, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Dold Konst, curated by Tamara de Laval, Kungsparken & Slottsparken, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Missed Connections, The Veranda, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Dold Konst, curated by Tamara de Laval, Göta Kanal, Ljungsbro, Sweden
2014 Public Offerings: 20/20, Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA
2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition, ForYourArt, Los Angeles, CA
2012 Curatorial Exchange, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Curator: Doug Harvey, Irvine, CA
2012 BOOM, Den Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
2012 In Search of the Miraculous, Room Gallery, Irvine, CA
2012 Soiling My Royal Oats, Kvartinik 6480, Irvine, CA
2012 So-Cal: A Graduate Introspective, Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA
2011 WET PAINT 3, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Devices, Control Room, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Paramount Reality, Latned Atsär, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Camden Cornucopia, OK BY Gallery, London, UK
2006 Vessel-sur-Siene, CAMAC, Marnay-Sur-Siene, France
2005 B’ART-GNY 05, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (LABA), Brescia, Italy
2004 B’ART-GNY 04, Bargny, Dakar, Senegal
2004 Neurotic Love (two person show), Galerie Expressions, Geneva, Switzerland
2004 Postal, La Post, Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland
2003 SMF (two person show), H. Lewis Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2002 North Ave., Charles Theatre, Baltimore, MD

Awards / Residencies

2015 G. Douglas Byers Memorial Fellowship, Portland, OR
2015 Artist-in-Residence, Signal Fire - Verde River, Arizona, Portland, OR
2015 Rema Hort Mann Foundation (Shortlisted), Los Angeles, CA
2013 The Awesome Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Graduate Research Award, UC Irvine, CA
2013 Graduate Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2012 Phi Beta Kappa International Scholarship, North Hollywood, CA
2012 Medici Foundation Artists Fellowship, Irvine, CA
2012 Miguel Velez Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2012 Graduate Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2011 Miguel Velez Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2011 Graduate Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2011 Graduate Research Award, UC Irvine, CA
2010 Graduate Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2010 Non-Resident Graduate Fellowship, UC Irvine, CA
2006 Artist in Residence, Centre d’Art-Marnay Art Center, Marnay-Sur-Seine, France
2006 Frank Ténot Foundation Grant, Marnay-Sur-Siene, France
2001-2002 Distinguished International Student, Scholarship, MICA, Baltimore, MD
1998-2002 Presidential Scholarship, MICA, Baltimore, MD


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